Our HomeCheck Service is specifically designed for Letting Agents and Landlords.  Years of experience visiting tenanted properties have highlighted the issues that can arise due to the tight turnaround time between tenants moving out and new ones moving in.  Some crucial areas of property maintenance can be easily overlooked.  These may seem quite minor at the outset, but once the property is occupied, these relatively insignificant issues often escalate into larger, more costly problems if left unresolved.  This in turn causes frustration for the new tenant; more workload for the letting agent; and unnecessary cumulative costs to the landlord as the problem escalates. 

The HomeCheck Service includes:


  • Electrical check – check all lights - check bulbs, including low voltage and downlights; extractor fans, appliances, sockets and switches

  • Includes Landlord Certification and annual service for boilers and gas hobs

  • Bathroom/Kitchen – check water supplies where accessible for baths, basins, showers, toilets, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers.  We will also inspect waste pipes and traps for any potential problems.  We will re-silicone around baths, basins, shower trays and kitchen worktops where necessary. 

  • All rooms – inspect for peeling paint work*, damp patches*; check all doors including hinges and door fittings, alignment of kitchen cupboard doors and drawers.  Check radiator pipies

  • Inspect windows and exterior doors for cracks and drafts*.  Where blinds and curtains are in place, check fixings are secure.



*Please note that re-decorating/damp proofing is not included in the service fee, however we will be happy to provide a quotation for any recommended works along with our Property Inspection Report.


Any minor repairs required will be carried out on-site and a property report will be provided. 


All the above will be covered for a one-off price of £325


For faults not covered by the HomeCheck Service, our Project Manager will produce photographic evidence along with a summary property report and no-obligation estimation will be issued for any remedial works that may be required.


Our team will gladly carry out additional works to any property, subject to quotation and agreement, but these will be charged as an extra cost.



Don’t hesitate to call +44 (0)7828 931 586 for further information

The ALLZONE solution

A one-off property check – the AllZone HomeCheck Service – can eliminate these issues BEFORE they arise.  Our team will visit the property in advance of new tenants moving in and perform a thorough inspection, and carry out on-site repairs where required. 


CASE STUDY: Emergency call-out


Emergency call out by letting agent for water leaking into flat below tenanted property.  Due to old peeling silicone, water had over a period of time been seeping in between bath and tiles and had built up on floor beneath and eventually leaked through to flat below.


This ultimately costly problem could have been prevented by our HomeCheck service spotting the potential problem and re-siliconing around the bath.

CASE STUDY: Preventative maintenance


Faulty extractor fan led to a build-up of mould on ceiling, walls and tile grout, which then resulted in costly repair works.


This costly problem could have been prevented by our HomeCheck service spotting the faulty fan and simply replacing that one item.

CASE STUDY: Entrances and Exits

Ill-fitting door locks and handles in one property caused tenant to use extra pressure when opening and closing doors resulting in fracture to door frame and architrave.  We were called in to fix the door frame and re-hang the door as hinges had been pulled out of alignment.


This costly problem could have been prevented by our HomeCheck service spotting the poorly fitting locks and handles and securing them prior to the new tenancy.